Through its social responsibility program “Family Support”, MK Group will allocate 600,000 euros for kindergartens in the Adria region this year, and the total amount of 160,000 euros is intended for Croatia. This year’s funds will exceed last year’s successfully realized donation to the Maternity Hospital „Sisters of Mercy“ (Sestre milosrdnice) of the Clinical Hospital Center, when the focus was on babies and parents. Now the support for children and families continues through investment in kindergartens, and this action is realized on the occasion of MK Group’s big jubilee – 40 years of successful business operations.

In all the communities where we operate, we contribute to the improvement of the conditions in which children grow up, are educated and develop. Caring for the youngest is an investment in the future, and with the slogan “Celebrating the future” MK Group celebrates its 4th anniversary of work and organizes a series of socially responsible activities with a total value of 1 million euros. This year’s donations, as part of the regional program “Family Support”, were intended for kindergartens, and we allocated an amount of 160,000 euros specifically for Croatian kindergartens,” said Mihailo Janković, Director General of MK Group.

The cities of Zagreb, Umag, Šibenik and the Municipality of Nerežišća in Brač will receive equal donations of 40,000 euros each. On this occasion, a joint meeting was held where the implementation of donations, the choice of kindergartens and the purpose of the funds were discussed, as well as the upcoming steps that will ensure the effective implementation of the project.

Representing the City of Zagreb, the meeting was attended by Luka Juroš, head of the City Office for Education, Sports and Youth, and on that occasion, he stated: “On behalf of the City of Zagreb and the city’s kindergartens, I thank MK Group for this valuable donation.” Investing in education, children and youth is an investment in the sustainable development of society and a better future. MK Group and the “Family Support” program, which it has been running for a number of years, are an example of socially responsible business, and that is something I congratulate them and thank them for from the bottom of my heart. Zagreb kindergartens will use this donation in the best possible way “.

The mayors of Umag and Šibenik thanked the donor. “Being socially responsible means being part of a community where you create and grow every day and have a sense of belonging and responsibility for the overall quality of life of that very community.” With its contribution, MK Group affects the improvement of the quality of life and nurtures the values of the community, therefore a big thank you on behalf of the City of Umag, and especially on behalf of our youngest residents, for the donation for kindergartens within the CSR program ” Family Support”, said the Mayor of the City of Umag, Vili Bassanese.

„First of all, we thank MK Group for including the city of Šibenik in the program of donations to preschool institutions. The donated funds will be directed to the needs of arranging and equipping the children’s playground environment of one of the kindergarten facilities of the city’s pre-school education institution, Šibenik Maslina Kindergarten,” said the mayor of Šibenik, Željko Burić.

While these cities will use the funds to renovate and equip kindergartens, in Brač, the Municipality of Nerežišća will add 40,000 euros to the kindergarten construction fund, for which the main project is being developed. On that occasion, Svemir Obilinović, the municipal head, said: “Nerežišća municipality is a small island municipality with a big project. Encouraged by recent positive demographic indicators, last year we launched a project to build a kindergarten for 70 children. Our partner in the project is the City of Supetar, which means that this new kindergarten gains wider significance for Brač. We secured part of the funds for the construction from the funds of the European Union, and now we have also received this important donation from the MK Group. We are convinced that with the completion of the project, we will give an additional reason for young families to stay on the island, and we hope for a further increase in the number of our youngest.“

In addition to Croatia, the regional program “Family Support” is also implemented in other countries of the Adria region where MK Group operates – Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro. For the seventh year now, the company has financially rewarded all employees who become parents through the program, including employees in Croatia. The internal program was then expanded with donations to institutions that deal with children and young people, as well as by strengthening the family as the basic unit of society.