MK Group Has Invested over 27 Million Euros in the Grand Hotel Kopaonik


MK Group has successfully completed the reconstruction of the Grand Hotel Kopaonik with a capital investment of over 27 million euros. This luxury hotel was ceremoniously opened in the presence of numerous guests from business and public life, being recognized by the public as a symbol of the most popular mountain in the region.

„In the year when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Grand Hotel, we decided to undertake a major reconstruction of 6,100 m2 inside the hotel, invest significant funds in the construction of a new residential wing and build a modern garage that meets the needs of our guests. With this investment, we have exceeded 100 million euros of total capital investments in Kopaonik, beginning from 2009, since when we have been operating in this mountain “, said Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of MK Group, on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

Work on improving the content and hotel services began in April this year. In addition to the construction of a new Residence Block and garage with over 130 parking spaces, the Spa Center, all restaurants and bars, front desk and sports hall have been completely renovated. “In a short period of only seven months, investments were made in 20,000 m² in the hotel, in addition to other investments in Kopaonik which cover another 18,000 m². Over 500 workers who worked on 3 parallel construction sites participated in the construction of the new wing and the reconstruction of the facility. Successfully completed reconstruction enabled the Grand Hotel once again to raise the ladder of luxury hospitality with its new look “, said Aleksandra Stojanović, Investment Project Manager and Corporate Affairs Director of MK Group.

MK Group strengthens the economy and tourism of Serbia with large investments, and at the same time creates additional value for the Kopaonik area, said Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) at the ceremony on the occasion of the reconstruction of the Grand Hotel. “This complex run by MK Group contributes to increasing employment and improving the standards of many families, hiring other companies, strengthening the economic sectors related to the business operations of this Center from the furniture to food and beverages industry. All small and medium companies from the Raška District really live and prosper thanks to MK Group. “Thank you once again for developing Raška, Kopaonik, the whole of Serbia,” Čadež said.

Hotel Grand Kopaonik is the oldest hotel complex in this mountain and the originator of modern tourism in Serbia. As one of the most valuable legacies of the domestic hotel industry, this investment has provided an even more attractive appearance and confirmed its prestigious status in the year when the Hotel celebrates 40 years of existence.