MK Group is Investing Close to Half a Million Euros in Solar Panels of the Kempinski Adriatic Hotel


Our Hotel Stands Out as One of the First Hotels by the Adriatic to Use Solar Panels for Electricity Production

Our Kempinski Adriatic hotel keeps pace with global trends that encourage the production of electricity from renewable sources and stands out as one of the first hotels by the Adriatic to use solar panels for electricity production.

„With this investment and encouraged by global trends, we decided to invest in long-term development and use the position of our hotel in the best possible way, while simultaneously protecting the natural resources around us. With this project, we want to take the position of the leading initiators of environmental awareness in the Hotel and Tourism Sector,” says the General Manager of Kempinski Adriatic Hotel, Željko Stašević.

The investment amount of this project is close to half a million euros, and thanks to the favorable geographical location of the Kempinski Adriatic Hotel, as well as the climate of northwestern Istria, even more serious production of this type of electricity is expected. The total capacity is 395 kW, with a tendency to reach over 600 kW in the future. Solar panels were installed on the hotel, the congress center, and also on the Kempinski villas – all with the aim of sustainable development of the Hotel’s business operations.

In July, the Kempinski Adriatic Hotel and all other facilities within the Resort became part of the “ZelEn – Friend of Nature” program, which only receives electricity produced from renewable sources from the supplier. In this way, efficiency is achieved in every business segment, sustainable development, energy efficiency and continuous improvement of good practices in resource management.