MK Group is investing in renewable energy sources


Sunoko, a member company of MK Group, has set to work a biogas plant for the production of electricity in Vrbas. With an investment of over 9 million euros, the Company makes a strong contribution to the preservation of the environment and the production of green energy. The plant has a capacity of electricity production of 2.4 MW / hour, so it will provide annual electricity needs for about 5,000 households.

„Although Serbia, as an agrarian country, has an exceptional potential when it comes to renewable energy sources, today we have only 15 biogas plants. Sunoko, as part of the MK Group, has decided to use waste raw materials and by-products from sugar beet to produce electricity. With such innovative projects, our Group contributes to the protection of the environment, but also to more efficient and sustainable business”, said Zoran Stojak, technical director of Sunoko.

The Biogas Power Plant in Vrbas uses a technological solution from the company Wabio Technologie GMBH from Germany, which has been creating advanced and sustainable energy solutions for a quarter of a century. The use of biogas, while preserving natural resources, improves the country’s energy balance by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in total production and contributes to achieving the goal of the Serbian Government to increase the share of energy from renewable sources to at least 40% by 2040.

MK Group, together with Fintel Energija, has been one of the leading companies in the production of wind electricity in the Balkans for a decade and today is the most important independent producer of electricity in the Serbian energy market. As announced, MK Group will invest EUR 300 million in key business areas in the next three years, whereof EUR 85 million is designated for the second phase of the Košava Wind Farm.