MK Group is the Winner of the “Diplomacy & Commerce Awards” for the Best Socially Responsible Company


MK Group is the Winner of the Prestigious “Diplomacy & Commerce awards” for the Best Socially Responsible Company by Diplomacy & Commerce Magazine for the Sixth Year in a Row.

Together with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, bilateral chambers and business associations, Diplomacy & Commerce awards individuals, companies and organizations that stand out in the field of social responsibility. The award for the Best Socially Responsible Company, which went to MK Group this year, is given in recognition of companies contributing to the improvement of the economic environment, but also the society as to be a better place to live and work.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the focuses of MK Group and after a large number of successfully implemented activities, and without hesitation, I can say its trademark. The ‘Diplomacy & Commerce’ award brought us another confirmation that our socially responsible activities have been recognized, both by the professional public and the media, in addition to the undoubted importance they have for the community in which we operate. Our activities in the coming period will be focused on education, youth care and family support, both in Serbia and in the entire Adriatic region where 6,000 people are employed, ” said Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs at MK Group

Members of the selection committee for this year’s Diplomacy and Commerce Awards were representatives of eleven bilateral chambers and business associations in Serbia, led by Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

MK Group is not only one of the most successful business systems in Serbia and the region, but also one of the leaders in social responsibility – towards its employees and their families, the community in which it operates, business partners, suppliers, companies in its value chain. The friendly business environment it has been building in Serbia for years and the socially responsible projects it has launched here, such as supporting health workers during the pandemic, families of employees as an incentive to birth rate, and now support maternity hospitals in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, thus connecting the whole region in the most humane way”, said Marko Čadež.

At the annual level, the company MK Group allocates the amount of one million euros for the implementation of socially responsible projects, which is why it is recognized not only as a business leader in the regional market, but also as one of the most responsible companies. MK Group supports 123 communities in which it operates and through continuous long-term investments influences the resolution of numerous social challenges.