MK Group is the Winner of the First Regional Award for Philanthropy


Established this year by the SIGN network of independent foundations in Southeast Europe, MK Group has been awarded the first regional prize for corporate philanthropy, with the aim to underline companies whose socially responsible activities transcend the borders of their home country. The awards were presented as part of a two-day Regional Conference “SIGNs of Solidarity and Solutions”, held in Sarajevo with the support of the European Commission, the Balkan Fund for Democracy, the Balkan Civil Society Development Network and the German Marshall Fund from the United States.

Being recognized as the company making vigorous efforts to connect local communities in which they operate throughout the region through charity, brought MK Group great pleasure, as pointed out. Last year which was characterized by the pandemic, MK Group allocated one million euros for a number of socially responsible activities and support to the health system. Among them is the Project “For Regional Heroes”, within which doctors and medical staff in the region were provided with a free stay in hotels of this Group. The company emphasized that they are continuing the regional CSR Program this year and that donations which support the growth of birth rates and better conditions for pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies to maternity hospitals in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia are currently ongoing.

The competition comprised companies that, each in their own country, were awarded national CSR awards. This year, MK Group received the prestigious Virtus Award in Serbia for its contribution to corporate philanthropy at the national level, which is being awarded by the Trag Foundation, a member of the SIGN Network. A jury composed of representatives of the SIGN Network made up of the Trag Foundation and Catalyst Balkans from Serbia, the Active Citizenship Fund from Montenegro, the Mozaik Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Forum of Civic Initiatives from Kosovo and Horus from Northern Macedonia decided for the company to also bear the regional recognition thanks to the strategic approach to social responsibility, the value of donations in the past two years, as well as the overall reputation of the Group.