MK Group – Partner of RE-SET SUMMIT


MK Group has supported the RE-SET SUMMIT, organized by Adria Media Group, which will gather a large number of eminent participants and interlocutors during two weeks. Within the conference “Economic growth – domestic and foreign investments”, the speaker was Andrija Vuković, CFO of MK Group, who pointed out:

„MK Group’s investment plans remain unchanged. It is important for the economy of each country that domestic economic entities be the bearers of growth and development. During this year alone, MK Group has invested over 30 million euros in agriculture in the growth of production capacities, precision agriculture, and we are also planning new investments in biogas. In terms of tourism, our plan for next year is the further development of the destination and investment of over 30 million euros in the improvement of facilities in Kopaonik and the renovation of the Grand Hotel”.

The Conference was also attended by Katarina Obradović Jovanović, Assistant Minister of Economy, Radoš Gazdić, Director of the Development Agency of Serbia, Sasha Cioringa, General Manager of Continental Automotive Serbia, and the moderator was Ivan Nikolić, Director of Scientific Research Development of the Economic Institute.