MK Group- regional leader at the EBRD conference in Istanbul


National goal of package waste management has been fulfilled The packaging of wide range of our products, which can be found on the shelves at markets throughout Serbia, ends up at recycling centers.

Companies, that are part of MK Group, place their products to the market in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.
They are part of the system of package waste management and are responsible to meet statutory national goals of management of packaging and package waste.
Our companies transferred their obligations of management of the package material to authorized operator, who in our behalf meets set national target of package recycling from its own products.
National goal set for 2013, was 23 % of total amount of places package on the market of Republic of Serbia.

The aim is to implement strategy to minimize amounts of packaging waste, disposed at landfills and to decrease their negative impact on the environment.
Purchasing our products, you too contribute to the preservation of the environment.