MK Group starts the construction of a wind farm near Kula


MK Fintel Wind, joint venture between the Italian Fintel Energia Group Spa, a Public Company listed in the Italian Stock Exchange and MK Group d.o.o., has commenced the construction of a 9,9 MW wind farm in Kula due to completion on October 31 in 2015.The facility composed of 3 wind turbines Vestas 178 meters tall will be capable of generating 27.000.000 Kwh of green energy, equal to the consumption of approximately 8.000 households, without polluting the environment and creating additional 50 new jobs in Serbia.

MK Fintel Wind which invested nearly 15 million Euro for this first project will soon start the construction of a second wind farm, for a total investment of 11 million Euro located in Vršac and capable of supplying additional 5500 households with energy.

“After several years waiting for the necessary authorizations and permits, we are very happy to carry on green-field investment in Serbia -which I truly consider my second country” announced the Fintel Energia Group Spa and MK Fintel Wind CEO Tiziano Giovannetti on Monday.”We have an ambitious deployment program, many additional projects to be built in the next quarters and a list of international investors interested to enter a partnership with us”. “The finalization of the construction of the Kula wind farm is crucial for us to demonstrate that doing business in new sectors like the green energy in Serbia is not only possible but also successful’ he continued.

MK Fintel Wind, established in 2007, is one of the first companies in Serbia that has started “green energy production” using the wind powered generators and solar panels. Due to 300 MW projects it currently represents the most important investor in Serbia in this field.

This project has proven once again that MK Group is committed to the improvement of its business operations, increase of the competitiveness of its member companies, work efficiency improvement and constant innovations.