MK Group Strengthens Exports of FMCG Products to the Middle East with Flora Products


In addition to over 50 countries in which it markets its agri-food products, MK Group is expanding its exports to the Middle East. As of this month, products under the domestic brand Flora are available on the Dubai market, and which are produced by the same-named vegetable and fruit processing factory within PIK Bečej, a member of MK Group.

Sophisticated consumers of this market have access to over ten products from Flora’s range, in one of the largest retail chains in Dubai, with 20 hypermarkets positioned in the largest shopping malls and covering the entire city.

This great success of the Serbian brand of frozen and canned vegetables and fruits, commented Miloš Mijović, Director of PIK Bečej: “We are very pleased that together with our foreign partners from Union Coop, a popular retail chain with a long tradition in Dubai, we realized this ambitious endeavor, which would not be possible without the high quality of our products. This is just the beginning of a long-term cooperation and at the same time a great opportunity for Serbian companies to present their products under their own brand Flora. “

Namely, the Flora factory already included the Middle East in its export markets, however, so far it has been present there only through production for brands. This is the first time that its products under its own brand are in stores in Dubai.

Except in the Middle East, Flora has successfully realized exports to the markets of the European Union, a member of CEFTA and the Russian Federation. Among the most common products are frozen peas, green beans, sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, but also products from the premium category, such as edamame and various mixes.