MK Group to invest additional € 5 million in Grand Hotel on Kopaonik


The next investment cycle of MK Group in Grand Hotel Kopaonik is set to kick-off, with an aim of maintaining the leadership position of this prestigious hotel and continuing with the promotion of our most beautiful mountain as one of the most important tourist destination in this part of Europe. MK Group has invested € 50 million in Grand Hotel and successful destination development so far. More than € 5 million has been allocated in the new three-year Investment Plan for the upcoming renovation of the hotel capacities.

The Vice President of MK Group, Mr. Aleksandar Kostić has pointed out that the new investment cycle will bring a new quality to Grand Hotel.

“Grand Hotel, as a brand, represents the face of Kopaonik and it stands at the forefront of the development of the whole destination. We’ve started realizing new ambitious plans in the midst of a successful summer tourist season with an aim of providing our guests with even better service in the future and further promoting the destination as a center of high-end tourism”, emphasized Kostić.

The three-year Investment Plan began this summer with the renovation of 58 rooms in the west wing of the hotel, as well as 30 rooms in the annex above the pool. The total value of this investment is € 2 million. In 2020, the company plans to perform a complete renovation of the Wellness&SPA part of the hotel and the to improve services in this area as well. In the forthcoming year, investments are planned in both F&B segment and the restaurant Garden located within the hotel. The expected amount of this additional investment will be more than € 3 million.

MK Group has been the owner of Grand Hotel for a decade. At the same time, its the first hotel to be purchased by MK Group and it marked the company’s entering tourism and hospitality business. Ever since then, this division has significantly grown and expanded its business to luxury destinations and hotels. We would like to remind you that the company has invested € 200 million in this division, and currently owns 14 hotels and more than 2.500 rooms in majority and minority ownership. In the coming years, the goal is to increase the capacity to 5.000 rooms, which will strengthen the position of the hotel as the regional leader in tourism and hospitality.