MK Group – Winner of the Employer of the Year Award


MK Group is the winner of the prestigious Employer of the Year award given by the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM). After last year’s recognition for the most responsible company in Serbia, this prestigious Award of the Association of Managers once again shows that in Serbia, knowledge, effort, professionalism and responsibility are valued, and these are values that have characterized MK Group’s business operations for decades.

„The main focus of our Company is on the constant development of employees, and their opinion helps us to create a long-term growth and development strategy for both the company and each employee. The satisfaction of our employees is important to us. According to the latest research we conducted, as many as 80% of employees are proud to be employed with MK Group and would recommend the Company as a place to work, ” said Mihailo Jankovic, CEO of MK Group. The long-term ambition is to create a positive and motivating atmosphere that encourages the growth and development of every employee of MK Group, and the award of the Serbian Association of Managers is another confirmation that we are successful in achieving this goal. “

MK Group employs 6,000 people in the entire Adriatic region, and pays great attention to creating working conditions to the highest standards, as well as continuous development and empowerment of employees. In 2021 alone, the company realized over 10 strategic workshops for 30 leaders at the system level as well as MK Management Academy for more than 200 members. Within the Digital Academy Project, the most talented agronomists went through 9 modules in order to strengthen digital skills and abilities, while with the internal competition “Launch an Idea”, the Company rewards employees who apply the best business solutions for 4 years in a row. Through various programs, the Company is continuously working to empower employees, especially women, to take more initiative and be proactive. Of the total number of employees, 50% are women, 25% are women in management positions, while of the six members of the Management Board as the highest governing body of the system, women make up a third.

The annual awards of the Serbian Association of Managers are given to managers, employers, individuals and initiatives that demonstrate leadership through behavior, excellence, activity and responsible business and deserve to be pointed out as a good example in society.