MK Group winner of the gold medal “My choice”


MK Group led by Miodrag Kostic is a winner of the gold medal “My choice” for corporate social responsibility business in 2012 with its SOS Children’s village project in Kraljevo, awarded by the Society “My Serbia” and “Belgrade Chamber of Commerce”.

Notwithstanding the fantastic results which the MK Group achieved the last year, we are most proud of the house we built for the young in SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo, because all the children have an equal right to basic needs. We have provided a home for fifteen young people with decent living conditions and the environment they deserve; that was our guiding light and an additional motivation for the construction of such a home. The “My choice” award is yet another confirmation that we made the right decision.

In the years to come the MK Group will continue to listen to and understand the needs of our environment, because the investment in improved quality of living means investment in better future for all. The Kostic’s family foundation was established recently and will be used for the needs of the “Institute for Health protection of Children and Youth” and will serve as the parent’s house for the recovery of children with cancer.

During its 30 years of business, the  MK Group and its President Miodrag Kostic have continuously strived to help those in need and be of support  for the young investing substantially  in charity causes and education of the young.