MK Group’s support to the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer


Novi Sad, 5 December 2019  – In the spirit of the New Year’s holidays, gifts and positive energy, the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR) organized a gala fundraising event and an auction with the support of the company MK Group at Sheraton Hotel in Novi Sad. On this occasion, AIK Banka has donated one million dinars to NURDOR, thus once again proving that as a socially responsible institution it always strives to help those most in need.

In addition to the representatives of the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, the ceremony was attended by Periša Ivanović, Assistant to the Executive Board of AIK Banka. He emphasized that AIK Banka is continuously participating in actions of this type, but that he is especially proud of those aimed at the youngest.

“This year, we’ve decided to support NURDOR and to direct all the funds raised towards the construction of the new Parents’ House in Belgrade. In this way we are trying to motivate other companies and individuals to help as much as they can. We hope that another Parents’ House will help NURDOR facilitate treatment for children and parents, and that children who have not been able to do so will be able to receive treatment and care in their own home ” Ivanović said.

“I would like to thank MK Group system for thir support, and especially to AIK Banka for directing its funds towards the construction of another Parent’s House. I’m of the opinion that it is extremely important to include as many companies as possible in such activities and donations in order to raise the importance of treating children to the highest possible level and to make these difficult days easier for them and their parents”, said Joland Korora, President of the Board of Directors of NURDOR and emphasized the importance of supporting children with cancer and their parents.

The first Parents’ House in Vojvodina was founded in 2013 in Novi Sad, when Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, put his family home worth 1.5 million eur to use to the Institute for Healthcare, Children and Youth of Vojvodina, Novi Sad in collaboration with NURDOR. It is intended for children coming from an area outside of cities and towns, accompanied by their parents, during their treatment for malignant diseases, and so far, more than 80 families have found their place under the auspices of this home.