New home for 15 wards


In Kraljevo on May 25th 2012 the President of MK Group Miodrag Kostić and the Mayor of Kraljevo Ljubiša Simović laid the foundation and symbolically marked the start of construction of a house in the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo. The 340 square meter house, for which MK Group donated 200 thousand Euros, will be home to fifteen teenagers who are currently staying in rented facilities in Kraljevo.

MK Group and the President of the company, Miodrag Kostić, continually strive to assist those in need and to provide support to the young by setting aside significant financial resources for humanitarian activities and education. In November of last year, led by their father’s example, Mr. Kostić’s heirs, his daughter Andjela and son Aleksandar, became official friends of the village and committed themselves to allocating funds from their pocket money and sending monthly aid to the residents of this youth facility in Kraljevo.