New home for the children of Kraljevo


The company MK Group has donated 200 thousand Euros, intended for building a house for the young in the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo. With the support of the municipality of Kraljevo, which will secure the land, the 340 square meter home will house a community of 15 teens who will get the opportunity for a more humane life.

 As a parent, I hope that the construction of this home will provide the wards of the Children’s Village with a new, warm home, and a caring environment with better circumstances in which they will be able to construct their own personal futures. I believe that everyone, contingent upon his abilities, is obliged to return part of what he has created during his career to the community in a manner that befits that person. This is just more evidence that our good intentions do not end with words but that we consistently follow through with actions – said Miodrag Kostić the President of MK Group.