The largest regional economic gathering, the Kopaonik Business Forum, is being held for the 29th time at the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, organized by the Serbian Federation of Economists. The “Serbian Davos” has traditionally attracted a lot of public attention, with more than 30 panels and a central theme on the sustainable development of the Serbian economy.

Of particular interest was the panel on the prospects of investors in Serbia, which was attended by the Vice President of MK Group, Aleksandar Kostić, and who announced new investments of the company on that occasion.

„MK Group remains in the agriculture and food industry. I must point out that, even without the state subsidies for sugar that countries in the region have, Sunoko is the largest net exporter of sugar in Europe. In the previous period, we invested 1.5 million euros in the research center for sugar beet, and future plans are related to the opening of an alcohol factory, “said Aleksandar Kostić.

When asked about investments in the coming period, Kostić added that he sees great potential in the field of renewable energy sources: “MK Group will continue to invest in wind energy and the agro-solar project. We are currently working on the realization of projects for the production of electricity from wind energy worth 300 million euros”.

MK Group continuously invests in business development and thus generates strong value for local economies and communities in which it operates throughout the Adriatic region.

Along with Aleksandar Kostić, the panelists were Zoran Pekez, President of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Business Alliance, Zoran Petrović, President of the American Chamber of Commerce and Dejan Ranđić, President of the Board of Directors of ICT Hub. The panel was moderated by Zoran Drakulić, President of the Serbian Business Club “Privrednik”.