One million dinars for more humane conditions for the most disadvantaged


MK Group has donated one million dinars for the Shelter for adults and the elderly in Kumodraška ulica in Belgrade. The donation, presented by the President of MK Group Miodrag Kostić, will contribute to more humane conditions for the wards residing at this institution.

– The elderly are one of the most vulnerable populations in Serbia. MK Group’s donation to our institution is a significant contribution towards provide the best possible care and protection necessary to our residents. Unfortunately, a lot of effort needs to be invested for the working and living conditions at the Shelter to be raised to a higher level- Prvoslav Nikolić, the Director of the Shelter for adults and the elderly, said.

 In the only shelter for adults and the elderly there is not enough room for all those who have nowhere to go. Currently 135 people occupy this facility with many forced to sleep in the hallway. Up to 25 people sleep in 30 square meter rooms.  An expansion of capacity is a necessity.

 -We are approaching the holidays and the season of giving, a time when we traditionally turn to family. Unfortunately, there are people that many have forgotten. We must not forget human dignity. Instead of a New Year’s party for its employees and business partners, MK Group has decided to provide a festive atmosphere for those for whom this will be far more meaningful- stressed Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, adding that awareness of social responsibility and solidarity towards the most vulnerable should be encouraged.