One Million tonnes of suger beet processed by Sunoko


Our company, Sunoko, has launched a new sugar beet processing campaign and this year, we anticipate the production of 160,000 tonnes of sugar from 1 million tonnes of raw materials across 18,500 hectares of land. Our factories in Vrbas, Pećinci and Kovačica started receiving sugar beets in late September and early October.

Sunoko predicted a successful growing season this year despite later sowing and unfavourable weather, including droughts in March and the summer, as well as damage from frost, wind, and crust in the spring. The company’s R&D department works on methods for achieving improved productivity and quality on a regular basis, and the application of these methods has undoubtedly contributed to strong production results despite the challenging circumstances during vegetation.
“This year, sugar beet has once again proven to be queen of our fields. In contrast to other cultures the production of which has shown significant losses, we anticipate Vojvodina fields to produce over 9 t of sugar per hectare on average, which is 8% more than the five-year average of 8.3 t/ha. Recall that last year, despite the summer drought, we produced a record-breaking 10 t/ha of sugar. At the start of this year, farmers were more attracted by the prices of other arable crops, which is why they chose to sow more of them. The final level of revenues, however, fell short of what they had anticipated because other cultures are considerably more susceptible to drought. Since there are no significant yield losses and the price is known a year ahead, sugar beet is considerably safer in this regard for liquidity planning,” said Slobodan Košutić, Sunoko’s General Manager.

Our company offers a price of 52 euros per tonne of payable beet within the terms for contracting the production of sugar beet for 2023, with a bonus for growers who achieve an above-average digestion. In view of the drought and the challenging conditions facing producers, at Sunoko, we decided to offer further assistance to farmers and establish ourselves once again as a reliable partner who cares about suppliers. For those producers who turned in the beet from the 2022 harvest and signed a contract for 2023, the company has set an incentive of 100 euros per hectare. In addition, Sunoko offered a 500 euro per hectare interest-free advance at the signing of the contract as an additional means of support for farmers and their liquidity.

In addition to the advance, the company provides them with high-quality raw materials at the best market rates, assistance with the purchase of agricultural equipment, and lease of agricultural land. Manufacturers can also rely on the Research and Development Centre and the company’s raw materials division for expert and advisory support. Education and collaboration in the area of optimization of sugar beet production and the use of the best protection technologies lead to lower production costs, higher yields, and beets of higher quality and sugar content.

With its three production centres, Sunoko is one of the most efficient sugar companies in Europe, and a regional leader in sugar production. Sunoko fully satisfies the domestic demand for this product with its production capabilities and assures a steady supply of sugar for the Serbian market.