One of the largest wind farms in the region opened in eastern Serbia


The companies MK Group and Alfi Renewables officially opened the Krivača Wind Farm in Golubac, in the presence of more than 150 guests and high-ranking officials of Serbia and Slovenia. Krivača is one of the largest wind farms in the region and the first in Eastern Serbia. This investment, worth 165 million euros, enables the annual production of green energy of 310 GWh, which is sufficient to supply 75,000 households. The 105.6 MW Wind Farm has 22 state-of-the-art wind turbines covering an area of 56 km2.


In an extremely short period of time for such a large project, in just over two years, MK Group and Alfi Renewables have built a wind farm that meets the highest global green standards. The use of wind energy contributes significantly to the management of climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, in addition to strengthening energy security, an important effect of the Krivača Wind Farm is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 120,000 tons per year. During the implementation of the project, the investors built as many as 30 km of new roads, 40 km of transmission lines, a substation and a connection and distribution plant.

„As a pioneer in the field of renewable sources, MK Group opened the first wind farm in Serbia ten years ago, and today we are opening the fourth in our portfolio, and the first in the Eastern Serbia region. This capital investment, which we realized together with the company Alfi Renewables, is a significant contribution to increasing the capacity for green energy production and an example of the direction for the further development of energy in the region implying coordinated action of the public and private sectors. MK Group will provide strong support for the green transition through new investments in this area. Through independent and partner projects, we will enable the total production of even 1 GW of energy from renewable sources in the next three years. We will invest close to one billion euros in wind energy and solar energy”, said Mihailo Janković, Director General of MK Group.

„The company Alfi Renewables, which manages the Alfi Green Fund, the largest regional fund for investment in renewable energy sources, is realizing its mission of improving the environment with one of the first investments in Serbia, together with partners from the MK Group. We are proud that with our expertise and excellent cooperation with the local community, state institutions, suppliers, EPS and EMS, with the trust of investors and banks, despite challenging market conditions, we have built one of the largest regional green energy projects and thus made a significant contribution to green transition in the region. The Alfi Green Fund, with a 104 million euros, is developing new renewable energy projects whose total installed capacity will be around 300 MW. Next year, we are preparing a new, even bigger fund,” said Tomaž Berločnik, partner in the Alfi Renewables company and Chairman of the Investment Board of the Alfi Green Fund.

The President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Miloš Vučević, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the Republic of Serbia, Damjan Bergant, spoke at the grand opening of the Krivača Wind Farm.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Miloš Vučević said that the state, the Government and the Ministry of Mining and Energy continue to support the development of renewable energy sources, considering them a matter of national interest. “In accordance with the Government’s goals to reduce the emission of harmful gases by 2030, investments such as the Krivača Wind Farm play an important role in achieving sustainable energy development,” said Miloš Vučević, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

„The opening of the Krivača Wind Farm is proof of the extremely successful economic cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia. We have already established joint cooperation in the field of energy, encouraged mutual investments, and now we have become partners in energy projects. Slovenian companies have recognized Serbia as the leading country in the region in renewable energy sources, thanks to its rich natural resources. One of the realized potentials is the Krivača wind farm, the result of a joint project between the companies Alfi Renewables and MK Group, which represents a step towards reducing dependence on the import of green energy”, said Damjan Bergant, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the Republic of Serbia.

The Krivača Wind Farm is among the first projects in the region to be lent by a consortium of four international banks: Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, OeEB and NLB. The sale of electricity under a long-term contract (PPA) was concluded with the Swiss company AXPO, one of the largest energy companies in Europe. The wind turbines installed in Krivača were delivered by the German company Nordex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windmills.