Participation in International Conference


After one year of efficient operation of the Plant for the full Wastewater Treatment IM Carnex, for the first time, the interested audience was presented the way in which this Plant works, responsibilities of accountable operators, daily activities, that is, efficiency of wastewater treatment through the operation, under the title: “Excerpt from the operation records of the Wastewater Treatment Plant IM Carnex“.

Its operation was presented at the International Conference “Wastewaters, Municipal Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste” held in Subotica in April, whose objective was to exchange knowledge and experiences in this field.

Considering that with this plant, the company acquired a living organism requiring constant attendance, monitoring and care, the presentation made at the conference focused on daily expected and unexpected challenges in operating the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

It is extremely important that the work of each wastewater treatment plant is regularly monitored, that the equipment, meters, sensors and devices are regularly maintained and gauged, that major water-related parameters are continuingly registered both using the certified laboratories and online, as this is the only way for the plant to be efficient, ecological and cost efficient for several decades on.

The efficiency of the Wastewater Treatment Plant IM Carnex is high and satisfactory.