PIK Bečej Bought “ABC Food”, a Factory for Processing and Storing Vegetables


The company PIK Bečej, one of the leading agricultural companies in Serbia, which operates within the MK Group, realized the purchase of the ABC Food Factory. The factory deals in processing and storing vegetables in Ruski Krstur. One of the key goals of this investment is for PIK Bečej to expand its processing and storage capacities in synergy with existing resources.

„It is with great pleasure that I can share the news that we have acquired the company ABC Food. This purchase represents a strategic merger with the Flora Factory, as our goal is to expand its capacity. When the Flora Company was bought by MK Group in 2016, it was in bankruptcy, as is now the case with ABC Food. With daily effort and work, we managed to make Flora a modern factory that, with constant improvement and investment in production lines, equipment and infrastructure, has become a company that exports its products to over 30 countries around the world. MK Group plans to reconstruct and invest in ABC Food’s plants, and with the success we have achieved with Flora so far, we expect success from this purchase as well,” says Miloš Mijović, Director General of PIK Bečej and CEO of Agriculture.

PIK Bečej, as one of the leading agricultural companies in Serbia, has been successfully producing healthy, natural food and top-quality products for more than five decades to meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets.