Planning Additional Investments in Renewable Energy Sources


Hotel Hyatt Regegency Beograd – Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of MK Group, participated in the Panel “Economy in the First Place” held within the Summit of Economic Leaders of the region in Belgrade “CEO Summit”, and the moderator was Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

„In business, we actively follow all market opportunities and new sources of growth, we always consider where we can strengthen our position, we consider new investments, and at the same time we consolidate existing businesses. In the coming years, MK Group plans to invest additionally in renewable energy sources, as our goal is to produce 1 GW of green energy in the next 5 years. We plan to expand our business in Serbia and the region in the field of energy, tourism, and we will continue to invest in modern smart agriculture through digitalization and innovation “, said Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of MK Group.

Besides Mr. Kostić, Fabris Perusko, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Forten Group also participated in the Panel, and they jointly concluded that it is important for the region to accelerate entrepreneurship, increase investment in company productivity which will further affect the level of employees’ salaries and higher demand that should be accompanied by market supply.

CEO Summit Belgrade – The Summit of Economic Leaders brings together the business elite of the region and representatives of key international financial institutions and is one of the most important business events in Serbia.