Portorož Airport Goes Green and Digital


This year, Portorož Airport, which is largely owned by MK Group, celebrated its 60th birthday. The jubilee was marked by the announcement of future investments in development, which were presented to the local community, business partners and the media during the Open Day of the airport, 24 September 2022. On this occasion, the airport management presented development plans, which will make the third international airport in Slovenia sustainable and energy efficient.

The Portorož Airport’s Director, Bernard Majhenič, revealed plans for the upcoming reconstruction of the passenger terminal, as well as the project for the airport’s energy transformation and process digitalization. He also unveiled new seasonal lines for the 2023 season. “The airport’s primary energy source will be electricity generated by our very own solar power plant. We remain dedicated to preserving the environment, harmoniously coexisting with the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, and working with the local community and tourism sector. With the full digitalization of airport services, we will become the first zero-waste airport in the region and decrease our carbon impact,” said Majhenič.

With the recent establishment of a regular line with Van Air Europe, Portorož Airport now has twice-weekly connections to Brno, Prague, and Budapest. There will also likely be more Serbian tourists in this area in the upcoming season since negotiations to establish a regular airline on the Portorož-Belgrade route are nearing their conclusion.

With the addition of new regular lines, the airport building will be upgraded into a contemporary passenger terminal with a sizable common area, shop, restaurant, waiting room, exclusive VIP area, and special rooms for the police, Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS), and air traffic control. The completion of works is expected in April of the following year.

The head of the Municipality of Piran, Mayor Denio Zadković, said: “For our community, Portorož Airport serves as a window to the world. We appreciate the current management’s commitment to reviving the company, its infrastructure, and the introduction of additional passenger lines.”

Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourism Organization, pointed out: “The values on which the Portorož Airport’s sustainability initiatives are based are in line with the values we cherish in Slovenian tourism, because we encourage sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism – for tourists, local residents and employees.”

Given that there were 27% more arrivals than in 2021 and as much as 16% more than in the previous record year of 2019, this year will go down in the airport’s history as a record year. From January to the end of August 2022, 3,932 planes landed at Portorož Airport, with 23,498 passengers.