President of MK Group held a lecture at the American Chamber of Commerce


Kopaonik, 22 June, 2017 – The fourth generation of the educational program “AmChamps – Young Leaders of Change” had the opportunity to hear valuable advice from Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, on how to achieve business success and start your own business.

“It’s important to come up with good opportunities and recognize them. Once you see them, you have to be persistent, brave and ready to be devoted. Many give up as soon as the first problems arise and this is wrong. Business challenges but also failures represent an integral part of the company’s development but much more important than the failure itself is the experience or what this failure has taught you” said the leader of MK Group, one of AmCham’s member companies.

He pointed out that perseverance, resourcefulness and determination are the qualities that are valued in any business and which ultimately lead to good results, regardless of their industry and that young people are a priority for every successful company because they bring the driving energy and new ideas.

“Every organization needs people with modern ideas, because it is the only way to progress. We can not ignore the fact that times have changed and there lies your chance to prove yourself – to bring the idea to the company or to start your own business based on it. Learn from the more experienced but look to the future” emphasized Kostić.

The educational program “AmChamps – Young Leaders of Change” is a unique one-year mentoring program that gives the most successful students of Belgrade University and young managers of AmCham member companies the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in modern business through lectures, workshops and projects. The aim of the program is to enable young professionals to take leadership positions in their fields through development of potentials and acquiring practical experiences and contribute to the progress of the entire society and economy.