Protocol signing between the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad and MK Group


Novi Sad, February 05, 2019 – The students of the third and fourth year of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to attend professional practice in the field of information technologies, thanks to the signed Protocol on cooperation between the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad and MK Group. The Professional Practice Program, which was initiated by MK Group member, MK IT Business Solutions, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad, will be realized in the next five years and is intended for students of the Business Informatics Program. After completing the course, all the students will receive a certificate, while MK IT Business Solutions will offer additional paid quarterly practice. After completing the paid practice, MK IT Business Solutions will also offer employment opportunities to those participants who successfully master the basics and show good results during practice.

“We are pleased that MK Group recognizes the importance of investing in young people, primarily in acquiring practical skills and skills that can later help them develop their careers. This is another indication that it is possible to establish a partnership between educational institutions and the private sector in connecting education, science and economy, but also the application of the latest achievements in the business itself”, said Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Grubor, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad.

“MK Group is a reliable partner and it is strategically committed to corporate social responsibility and to the improvement of the community in which it operates. By starting the Professional Practice Program, we continue the successful cooperation we had been realizing for years with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad in order to enable students not only the real experience in the areas in which they are educated, but also to give them the possibility of employment and insight into the corporate culture and the work of a company that has more than 7,000 employees”, said Aleksandar Bijelić, MK Group’s COO, adding that in the world of digitization, it is necessary for young people to acquire more practical knowledge in the area that will certainly be the basis for the future business. This cooperation points to the importance of the application of information technologies in business and enables both students of the study program Business Informatics as well as the students of other study programs at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica to gain the opportunity to acquire new skills through teaching and practice and to apply IT technologies in business, and therefore to gain the employment opportunity at MK Group.

The application for the program of professional practice starts in March, and the best students during the year will be able to improve their knowledge and skills not only in IT sector, but also in finance, accounting and marketing, in which they will improve the knowledge of working in SAP systems through the work with mentors with many years of experience. The practice will be realized on a monthly or two-month level at the premises of MK IT Business Solutions in Novi Sad. Within the realization of the professional practice program, MK Group will provide guest lecturers who will present the students with the use of the SAP model through practical examples in everyday work.