Responsible behavior pays off – for us and for nature!


Harmonizing the work environment with the living environment is a responsible and complex task. With its hospitable operations, the company Carnex has given another example of how to successfully harmonize the work and living environments by resolving the issue of recycling used mineral oils.

Due to the regular maintenance of machinery and machines in the Carnex business centers, more than 6,500 kg of waste mineral oil was collected and temporarily stored during 2012. In order to prevent contamination of land and underground waters temporary storage of this type of waste must fulfill particular criteria.

During September, lead by the principles of preserving and promoting the work and living environments Carnex handed over for further treatment all generated quantities of used mineral oils to an authorized company.  The entire quantity was handed over in metal barrels and in that manner more than 30 barrels of contaminated hazardous substances, also characterized as hazardous waste, was recycled.

For all waste generators the recycling of waste i.e. secondary raw materials must always be a primary alternative solution. By reusing used materials, which in this manner remain in the circle as a useful raw material, we extend the duration of our environment which we must leave healthy and clean for generations to come.

Think twice before you start to apply used mineral oil to wooden fences. The first rain will wash it down into the soil and underground water. Only one milligram of mineral oil added to a liter of water renders that water unusable i.e. one liter of mineral oil pollutes a million liters of drinking water.

It is a short road to pollution from nature to man.

We learn every day; learn with us and from us!