Responsible behavior – the right path to a successful business


The packaging of plant protection products fall into the category of hazardous waste, therefore a responsible attitude towards proper disposal of hazardous waste is of a great importance for the whole of MK Group.

Controlled use of plant protection products, triple rinse containers, proper storage in the temporary storage warehouses and at the end of the process, submitting to a certified waste management officer, represent the basic steps in legal actions of Pesticide containers. According to the legislation, any company that operates within the MK Group works on characterization / classification of waste via an authorized laboratory who keeps daily records of waste generated and announce them to the competent authorities prior to its delivery to continued safe disposal.

During the 2013 the total amount of packaging used for plant protection products was recycled from all agricultural companies of MK Group. PC Crop Production IM Carnex from Vrbas, ad Labudnjača from Vajska, Duro Strugar Ltd. Kula, Selection Ltd. from Aleksinac PD Vojvodina Ltd. from New Milos ad Elan from Izbišta, MK Panonija Ltd. Vrsac, Ltd. Agrounija from Inđije handed over pesticide packaging to an authorized operator for the final disposal in accordance with all environmental regulations for the storage, collection, transportation, and management or treatment of hazardous waste. The practice of disposal of dangerous pesticide containers has become an integral part of the business of agricultural companies of MK Group for they are fully aware of the negative impacts of hazardous waste to the environment.

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