Save water for future generations


Once wells were a source of fresh drinking water but today they may be carriers of a serious pollution. Contaminants from the surface can rapidly penetrate into drinking water through abandoned wells. Contaminants from the surface may be components of precipitation, result of floods, means of plant protection products, fertilizers and manure, pollutants from surface water, all depending on where the old well is located. Also, contamination of groundwater may occur due to careless use of old wells as septic tanks or waste disposal sites. The entry of pollutants into the ground water layers deteriorates water aquifers, resulting in the undesirable reactions in water and bacterial growth, which in a greater or lesser extent affect the drinkability of water. As a consequence, further purification would be necessary before using it for drinking water.

However, because of the above said it is very important that abandoned wells are not ignored, but are identified and properly liquidate thus preventing contamination of groundwater.

The company Carnex contributed to environmental protection again. Hiring an authorized organization the company created the project of liquidation of abandoned wells for the Meat Industry Carnex, and also for the pig farm and therefore completed liquidation of 10 old wells, having in mind the fact that the wells are filled with the right material characteristic for a given field. In this way the company prevented the possibility of any groundwater contamination from abandoned wells owned by Carnex.
Water is the driver of nature, save it!