Students of the prestigious Stanford University visited Serbia


Belgrade, March 23, 2015 – The company MK Group, led by Miodrag Kostić, hosted the MBA students from Stanford University, USA, the most prestigious business school in the world according to Forbes magazine. On this occasion, Miodrag Kostić, President of the company, shared his knowledge but also revealed to students some of the secrets of success of one of the best domestic companies.

“We are pleased to welcome the students of one of the world’s best universities and especially I am glad they chose to visit MK Group, because it confirms that the success of our company is recognized in the world and represents a model of good practice. MK Group is always ready to respond to requests regarding the exchange of experience especially with the young and educated people, who may represent a potential of any company “said Miodrag Kostic, President of MK Group on the occasion of this visit.

Study Trip was organized within the practical part of the curriculum at Stanford University that would bring global global awareness to MBA students and provide students with deeper understanding of business and economic developments in specific regions. This year, students have chosen Serbia and Croatia out of more than twenty offered study trips because they were very interested in economic development of the Eastern Europe, particularly of the two countries. During their visit to Serbia and Croatia, the delegation of thirty MBA students, together with Professor Ken Shotts, will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the economy, organization of the society and culture of the two countries as well as the possibilities of their future economic and socio-political development. Upon returning to the USA, students will share acquired knowledge and experience with the other colleagues and professors of this University.

According to Forbes magazine, Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is the best MBA business school in the world. This prestigious university is well-known for a large number of celebrities who attended it, but also as a center with twenty-one winner of the Nobel Prize Award.