Successful completion of the humanitarian campaign Magnet for Love


19/09/2018 Novi Sad – The company MK Group has celebrated the successful completion of the humanitarian campaign Magnet for Love by organizing a Cocktail Reception at Sheraton Hotel. MK Group is one of the founders of Magnet for Love Foundation. The company took the initiative and collected 400,000 EUR for purchasing of the supporting equipment for the Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad.

“I am proud that MK Group, led by myself, waspart of such a large, socially responsible project with an aim of providing children and young people with better diagnostics and treatment”, said Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group.

The provincial government’s contribution was also immeasurable. It amounted to 1 million eur and these funds were allocated for purchasing megnetic resonance imaging for the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina. This peace of eqiuipment is considered to be the best diagnostic device in our country and it will enable diagnosing children and adolescents up to 18 years as well as the newborns.

By purchasing of the most contemporary device for magnetic resonance imaging and supporting equipment and by the construction of a special facility for these purposes, all the conditions have been met for the first time that patients may perform the complete procedure of diagnostics at the Institute in one place and in an efficient manner.