Successful purchase of wheat and soon a better quality of flour in the ŽITO BAČKA


Unlike last year, when the purchase of wheat carried on more than 35 commercial sites, this year the activities of purchase and receipt of mercantile wheat in MK Commerce Division, were organized in 50 purchase locations in the territory of Vojvodina. For the purpose of receiving and storing goods is used more than 250 000 ton silo capacity in possession, and over 135 000m2.

First time purchases were done on new silos, located in Ada, Kikinda and Kovačica.

As in the past month, there was receipt of more than 200 000 ton of wheat, and the purchase is successfully coming to conclusion. The quality of received merchandise is proper, and therefore are intensified export activities. During the month of August will start the processing of this year wheat in Žito Bačka, where it has already been set aside and reserved the best quality wheat. Thanks to a record of high yield and sowing area under wheat, this year will mark a significant surpluses of these cereals. Intentions of MK Commerce are to intensive investment in modernization of production process for refining wheat, which permanently affects the stabilization quality of processing at the mill in Žito Bačka, where are done the final reconstruction activities of mills. The factory complex Žito Bačka has its own concrete silo in Kula capacity of 50,000 ton, where is stored the wheat which awaits processing in the reconstructed mill.

The first amount of flour processed within the updated facilities will be offered to the market in September.

Soon will begin preparations for the purchase of sunflower.