Sugar Beet Field Day Event Organized by Sunoko


Experiences from effective agricultural practice were shared with farmers during the annual Sugar Beet Field Day, an event organized by Sunoko, a long-time pioneer in sugar production in Serbia. The event took place in the fields in Bačko Dobro Polje. As partners and subcontractors gathered, representatives of Sunoko, a company that belongs to the MK Group, spoke with them about the current situation in the sugar and sugar beet markets, as well as about new technologies and digitalization in agriculture.

Sunoko has been consistently focusing on research in the fields of sugar beet cultivation and sugar manufacturing since the founding of the Research and Development Centre in 2021, with the goal of assuring long-term economic output. Sunoko, with its three production facilities in Vrbas, Pećinci, and Kovačica, is Southeast Europe’s most productive sugar producer despite the difficulties faced recently by the beet market.

Over 42,000 acres of sugar beet were planted in Serbia this year, with the majority of the land being planted in the third decade of March. Despite the unpredictable weather, many rains, and challenging weed control this season, the crops have a great assembly and are in good form, which is a crucial requirement for a strong harvest season.

“Sugar beet cultivation has shown to be the most reliable agricultural production venture in the past two dry summers, thanks to Sunoko’s efforts in research and development. In addition to this fact, the state’s subsidies and the rise in sugar beet prices also helped to raise production of the crop by nearly 30% in 2023 compared to the previous year. Our Research and Development Centre is constantly working to modify industrial technology to meet the demands of the European Union’s Green Agenda and to solve issues posed by climate change”, said Slobodan Košutić, Sunoko’s General Manager.

This year’s Sugar Beet Field Day also featured the most recent weed control technologies, with a focus on mechanical weed control methods that use few chemicals and innovative weed control ideas that comply with upcoming EU standards. Sunoko once more demonstrated how they are anticipating the future and responding accordingly. One of the ways the newest research and technological advancements in sugar beet cultivation find their way into practice is through events like these hosted by the company.