The Companies of MK Group Won the Most Significant Awards at the International Agricultural Fair


The Meat Industry Carnex won 13 large gold, 20 gold and 2 silver medals at the traditional quality assessment of the commission of the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Although the fair will be held next spring, the fair commissions evaluated the quality of meat products this year as well and awarded the “Best in 2020”.

In addition to quality medals, Carnex also has 7 Champions in product groups, namely Rustic Sausage in the group of fermented dry sausages, Delicacy Sausage, as the best product in the category of finely chopped boiled sausages, Meat Slices in the category of canned minced meat, Bavarian Sausage in the group of coarsely chopped boiled sausage, Pâté with ham in the group of liver sausages and pâté, Beans with Bacon in the group of ready meals, Mini Pressed Ham in the group of canned meat in pieces.

“Generations have grown up With Carnex products of traditional quality and recognizable taste, and some of them are still champions of quality, such as Delicacy Hot Dog, which has been a symbol of a good hot dog for decades and a synonym for the whole category. Carnex Delicacy Sausage is still the only real pork and beef sausage on the market. The medals and awards that our products win for us are an additional incentive to always provide our customers with a high-quality product, which is the most important imperative for Carnex in general “- said Biljana Marković, Director of Development and Quality of the Meat Industry Carnex.

The Company Flora, which operates within PIK Bečej, a member of MK Group, won a gold medal for quality at the 87th International Agricultural Fair, for its products Frozen Peas and Sweet Corn.

„We are glad that the quality of our peas and sweet corn was recognized at the most important agribusiness event in Central and Southeast Europe. The gold medal is of special importance to us because it is a confirmation and result of all our efforts aimed at constantly improving quality and raising standards in the production and processing of frozen vegetables, “said Olivera Baturan, Production Manager at Flora, adding that consumers will further on get only the best products from the Flora brand.

The Company Flora, which is part of Pik Bečej, a member of MK Group, is specialized in the production of frozen vegetables – green beans, peas, sweet corn and potatoes. Annual sales amount to 16 thousand tons of frozen and canned vegetables, which are distributed not only in Serbia and the region, but also around the world. In this factory, the highest quality products are packaged using modern techniques and technology, considering that, in addition to natural raw materials, natural spices are also used, and everything is canned physically, by heat and cold treatment, without additives, addition of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

The MK Group with its member companies is regularly present at the Fair in Novi Sad and wins the highest awards for the quality of its products and brands.