The company MK Group awarded with Letter of Appreciation by Faculty of Economics


At the ceremony held on the occasion of 80 years of existence of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, the company MK Group was awarded with the Letter of Appreciation for the successful long-term cooperation.

Considering the fact that the education directly contributes to economic development and that the Faculty of Economics has a long tradition of development of highly qualified and perspective students, the company MK Group has been supporting its students by organizing practice but also by offering an employment opportunities, supporting conferences of the faculty and is present at practice fairs. MK Group organizes frequent visits to its production centers for students so they could get acquainted with the work environment.

“We are always open for the young people, educated, responsible and hard working people, no matter whether they are interested in practice or employment. In our company, 80 percent of the adds announcing job positions are aimed at young people, those who have just earned a bachelor’s degree. I believe that a success is not possible to achieve in the long run if there is no joint initiatives, cooperation and understanding of the economy, state, science and the cooperation of MK Group with the Faculty of Economics but with other faculties as well as. It is a true example of how industry and universities need to cooperate in order to provide a safer  business conditions and increase competitiveness in the market,” said Gorana Golubović, HR Director of MK Group.