The “Family Support” project was declared a “Campaign with a purpose in 2022”


The “Family Support” Project, which MK Group and AIK Banka jointly implement in the Adria region, was declared one of the best socially responsible campaigns in Serbia, winning the “Campaign with a Purpose 2022” award. The recognition is awarded for the second year in a row by the Festival of Socially Responsible Communication “Campaigns with a Purpose” on International Children’s Day, November 20, for campaigns that recognize, distinguish and encourage socially responsible communication aimed at the well-being of children and individuals. The award was received by MK Group’s PR Manager, Jovana Milićević, at a ceremony held at Marsh Open Space in Belgrade.
The campaign that carries the title “Campaign with a purpose” is a campaign that used the power of communications to address a certain social problem, draw the public’s attention to it and offer possible solutions, as well as a campaign that directly influenced the improvement of the living conditions of children and individuals in Serbia.

“Social responsibility and sustainability are inextricably linked to future generations because there is no sustainability without compassion for those yet to come. Starting from the sentence of Maria Montessori, which says that “our efforts for the welfare of humanity mean that we primarily do it for the child”, we dedicated the Festival of Socially Responsible Campaigns to the welfare of the child and the individual, and thus the society as a whole,” explained Tijana Adamov Ignjatović, founder of the Association “Yellow Pants”, initiator and organizer of the Festival.

The “Family Support” project is jointly implemented by MK Group and AIK Bank through donations to seven maternity hospitals in five countries of the Adria region: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over 700,000 euros have been reserved for this purpose. Around 16,000 babies are born every year in seven maternity hospitals that were selected in cooperation with the Ministries of Health of each of the mentioned countries, and with the donation of MK Group and AIK Bank, the conditions in these medical institutions are improved and this provides a serious boost to the growth of the birth rate.

The “Campaign with a Purpose” recognition was awarded by a team of honorary selectors consisting of recognized and proven experts in the fields of socially responsible communication, sustainable development, marketing theory and practice, and care for children welfare.