The Most Modern Rooms in the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital Thanks to the Donations of MK Group, Gorenjska banka and AIK Bank


As part of a donation from MK Group, Gorenjska banka and AIK Bank, the renovation of postpartum rooms in the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital was completed in a total amount of 120,000 euros. The rooms have been renovated according to the highest standards of healthcare, thus positioning UKC Ljubljana as one of the most modern hospitals in Europe.

At the ceremonial opening of the renovated rooms, Jože Golobič, the Director General of UKC Ljubljana, emphasized the role and importance of the largest hospital in Slovenia and thanked the donors for their help in modernizing the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital. »The clinical department of perinatology is richer for four state-of-the-art postpartum rooms, which, thanks to the donations of MK Group, Gorenjska banka and AIK Bank, will provide even better and more comfortable beginnings for women in labor and their partners, and above all, their babies«.

Mihailo Janković, the Director General of MK Group, thanked the management and professional services of the Ljubljana University Hospital for implementing the renovation in an extremely short time, and reminded that this project is part of a regional initiative. »With our donations to maternity hospitals, we wanted to provide support to young families in all the countries of the region where we operate. I believe that all of us share the same goal of raising the birth rate in the Adriatic region. The conditions we create for future parents and their children are crucial for endeavors – from the conditions in which life is born to the improvement of conditions for life and work of every family. «

Mario Henjak, President of the Management Board of Gorenjska banka, wished the new parents who will be the first to stay in the renovated rooms, pleasant moments with their newborns. »Everyone deserves a good start – that’s something we deeply believe in at Gorenjska banka, and that’s why we’re the right partner for all life decisions. We are focused on raising the quality of life of our fellow citizens, especially when it comes to our youngest. That’s why we decided on a donation that improves the quality of health services in the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital, where more than a third of babies in Slovenia are born«.

Jelena Galić, President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank and President of the Supervisory Board of Gorenjska Banka, reminded that the banking group, together with MK Group, has been rewarding its employees who become parents for five years, and that three years ago, Gorenjska Banka employees were also included in this program. She expressed her satisfaction that support for families of employees was extended to other parents in the region, through donations to maternity hospitals.

The work on the renovation of the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital is part of the socially responsible program “Support to the family” implemented by MK Group and AIK Banking Group. It is being implemented in the entire Adriatic region, where the Group employs 6,000 people. The total value of the regional initiative to raise the birth rate and support young families is 700,000 euros. Seven maternity hospitals received donations were a total of around 16,000 babies are born each year.