The position of MK Group and company President Miodrag Kostic on the topic of GMO


The company MK Group does not import nor does it grown genetically modified organisms and fully operates in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Serbia. The position of MK Group is that Serbia should not cultivate GMO, as the possible harm from GMO will be significantly greater than the benefits which we now have as a non-GMO country.

 The fact that MK Group is a major exporter further suggests that it is on our company’s interest to come from a non-GMO country.

 MK Group stresses that since 2007 it has had an agreement with Monsanto, related to the distribution of hybrid seed corn for commercial purposes, which is the same type of seed corn which has for years been produced and sold by domestic institutes.

 The company MK Group, and its members, do not plan to import genetically modified seeds in the future. All activities related to the import of seeds shall be in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia which will in turn be in line with current EU regulations.