MK Group, together with AIK Bank, has been implementing the “Family Support” program for the sixth year, within the framework of which it financially rewards all employees who fulfill their role as parents in the current year. This year, a total amount of 10 million dinars was allocated for 160 new-born babies.

Financial subsidies to parents were awarded today at a meeting opened by Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of MK Group, and Prof. Dr. Darija Kisić, Minister of Family Welfare and Demography of the Republic of Serbia.

“Good news for the end of the year, that our MK family is richer for 160 babies of our employees, and that more children were born this year than last.” We will continue to build a better world for our children through our social responsibility and business development in the Adria region,” said Aleksandar Kostić.

Minister Darija Kisić pointed out that the family is the greatest wealth and that is why every kind of support for parents in starting a family and raising children is of great importance. “Thanks to MK Group and AIK Bank for supporting the families of their employees. These are examples of socially responsible companies, which recognized the importance of family and the satisfaction of their employees because families are our greatest wealth. That is why in the coming period we will work together to support our parents and to harmonize work and parenting, so that we have more time for the youngest and for the family,” said Minister Kisić.

The amount of subsidies previously received by MK Group and AIK Bank employees through the “Family Support” program has been doubled since this year. In the six years of the program, over 790 families and 1,300 babies of employees were supported in this way with a total sum of 47 million dinars.

“Caring for employees and the community in which we operate is an integral part of our business. I am glad that the number of new-born babies is growing year by year, and that AIK Bank continues to provide support not only to employees, but also to the communities in which it operates. We want and believe that together we should be creators of a more beautiful and better future for our children,” said Jelena Galić, President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank.

In addition to the presentation of cash prizes to employees from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, the successful completion of donations to maternity hospitals in the Adria region was celebrated at the gathering.

On that occasion, Mihailo Janković, General Manager of MK Group, said: “We are especially proud to have expanded this internal program of ours with donations for seven maternity hospitals, where about 16 thousand babies are born annually. Thus, we provided support not only to the young families of our employees, but also to parents throughout the region.”

Donations were received by maternity hospitals in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia, and the total value of the “Family Support” program in the past year was 700,000 euros. In Serbia, a donation worth 100,000 euros was sent to the Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Hospital Center “Dr. Dragiša Mišović”, and it was used to purchase a state-of-the-art laparoscopic column, which will have a special application in the treatment of sterility, so that women who come from all over Serbia to this health institution could fulfilled their role of being a mother.