With Entrepreneurial Spirit to a Leading Position in Southeast Europe


MK Group represents a system of 75 member companies and 7000 employees in 3 branches of its business, namely Agriculture, Tourism and Banking. It bases its success on cooperation with tens of thousands of subcontractors around the world, and has especially strengthened its leadership position in Southeast Europe.

When it comes to Agriculture, MK Group is predominantly present in Serbia, where it cultivates 23,000 hectares of land. We are primarily focused on the application of Digital Technologies in order to increase profitability per hectare through the introduction of Precision Agriculture. In this way, we have already managed to increase the yield of our key crops: Sugar beet, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans and Sunflowers, but also to ensure the export of 689,000 tons of oilseeds and cereals. In addition, Sojaprotein, which processes NON-GMO soybeans, is one of the largest processors throughout Europe and markets its products in more than 60 countries around the world. Beside these agricultural activities, MK Group with its company Carnex holds the position of an important player in the production of meat and meat products, and our company Sunoko as a dominant producer of sugar for the needs of this region. As leaders in Agriculture, we are aware of our role in pushing the boundaries of quality, so the aforementioned company Sunoko founded a Research and Development Center whose basic premise is the education of small agricultural producers in this area. We are also allocating significant funds for the construction of a Biogas Plant within which we will use our raw materials and organic waste to obtain electricity. This is just a continuation of our pioneering endeavor from 2016, when we built and opened the first Wind Farm in Serbia. A few years later, we are the most important independent producer of electricity from renewable sources in the Energy Market of Serbia.

With the purchase of a hotel complex in the Serbian Mountain Kopaonik, in 2009 we stepped into the field of tourism for the first time and today our portfolio includes 15 hotels in minority and majority ownership not only in Serbia, but also in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. We are especially proud of our cooperation with two prestigious world hotel brands: Kempinski and Marriot, which confirms that we are recognized as reliable and stable partners. With more than 2,500 rooms, our plans are ambitious. We are actively working on the development of innovative and creative offers for our guests, but above all on the development of the destinations in which we establish the hotels.

The Banking Division includes AIK Bank in Serbia and Gorenjska Bank in Slovenia, and with a Balance Sheet total of EUR 4 billion, it plays an active role in consolidating the banking system in the region.

We believe that the key to our success is the entrepreneurial spirit, present in all areas of our work and activities, and that is why we create a unique added value in every company that differentiates us from others.


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