Žito Backa, gold medal winner of the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad


Novi Sad 24 May 2014 – The company Žito Backa from Kula, as a part of MK Commerce and a member company of MK Group, is the winner of the “Great Gold Medal” of the Agricultural Fair 2014 in Novi Sad for the „special-purpose wheat flour for pies, piecrust and burek meat pies”, which is another proof of the flour quality produced in this mill.

This strong wheat flour has a high nutritional value and by its characteristics it is unique in the Serbian market. The flour is ground up by precise mixture of top quality high protein wheat varieties. Grinding is done on the new milling equipment installed this year. The proper selection of varieties, their mixing and processing itself are designed and managed by the professional staff of Žito Backa. The new product immediately found its way to consumers and soon it became known as the recognisible export brand.

The raw material base for special types of flour will be also provided by MK Agrar in the future by cultivaton of their fields with the use of all agrotechnical measures and Žito Backa will continue to work on further development of special type of flours for different purposes.