We invest in new technologies for top results in agriculture and a country that produces more.


The MK Agriculture division includes companies engaged in farming, cattle breeding, vegetable and fruit production and processing, and viticulture. It has a leading position in Serbian agriculture thanks to pioneering ventures in the digitisation of agriculture and constant investments in irrigation systems and innovations to increase productivity.

The cutting-edge technologies we use allow us to achieve above-average yields from the 13,000 hectares we cultivate, with a total annual production of over 220,000 tons of agricultural and vegetable crops.

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Farming and cattle breeding

PIK Bečej is one of the leading agricultural companies in Serbia with decades of tradition. It produces over 220,000 tons of top-quality agricultural products annually and places them on domestic and foreign markets.

It cultivates 13,000 hectares of land, as much as 70% of which is under irrigation, and using digital technologies such as autopilot tractors, land mapping and variable sowing and fertilisation results in yields that are 25% higher than the average yields in Serbia.

The farm in Bečej, with 950 dairy cows, delivers more than 10 million litres of milk annually, which is contributed to by the latest investment in a robotic system for automatic milking.

Vegetable and fruit processing factory

Vegetables grown in the fields of PIK Bečej are processed in the Flora factory. Bečej’s processing facilities have been operating since 1978, and due to the MK Group’s investments in the modernisation of production, Flora now sells 12,000 tons of frozen and canned vegetables and fruit annually.

In addition to Serbia, Flora products are distributed to the markets of the European Union, the Middle East and Russia. Flora continuously refreshes its product range to suit modern customers, who recognise it because its range includes frozen asparagus, edamame and interesting vegetable mixes, in addition to the best-selling products – frozen peas, green beans and sweetcorn.


Flora products are made from natural raw materials, with natural spices, preserved by physical means, heat and cold, with no additives, artificial colours, aromas or preservatives. In addition to canned vegetables, the product assortment includes frozen vegetables, frozen fruit and a premium line of frozen products.

Apple production

The Agrounija company is engaged in the production and sale of apples. Their modern apple orchard covers 82 hectares in Krčedin in the municipality of Inđija, and there is nearby a cold store with a capacity of 7,000 tons. Agrounija’s annual sales exceed 15,000 tons, and Serbian apples are sold in over 25 countries on three continents.


Agrounija offers five first-class apple varieties: Granny Smith, Crimson Snow, Golden Delicious, Gala King and Gala Royal.


With the acquisition of the Erdevik winery, the MK Group entered the business of viniculture and winemaking in 2012. The winery has the highest quality processing equipment and storage facilities. Annual sales amount to 400,000 litres of wine exclusively produced from grapes grown in our vineyard, which covers 60 hectares on the slopes of Fruška Gora along the banks of the Danube. Erdevik wines have received many awards for their premium quality.


White, red and rosé wines from the Fruška Gora vineyard.