Carnex leads the meat industry in the region with a recognisable brand and quality lasting for 65 years.


With a tradition longer than 65 years, Carnex is one of the largest producers of meat and meat products in the region, with a complete “farm-to-table” production system. At the same time, the Company is the largest pig producer in Serbia, and the quality of the raw material used in the meat industry is ensured by the use of animal feed produced in its own factory.

The trademark of the Carnex brand is top product quality, with a combination of traditional recipes and portfolio innovation that follows the trends and wishes of modern consumers.

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The rich Carnex product portfolio includes more than 150 meat products grouped into five large categories: durable and semi-durable meat products, pates, ready meals and fresh meat.


The famous Carnex pate

Carnex pates are made of carefully selected pieces of meat, with a perfectly balanced dose of spices, according to recipes following the top level of production. With a recognisable and unique taste, they combine perfectly with different meals – as a part of breakfast or dinner, as a snack or as part of a serving for everyone who likes quality spreads.

The Carnex pate portfolio includes liver pate and poultry pate in three flavours: chicken, chicken piquant and turkey pates.


Pig farms

The raw materials for feeding the fattening animals on the Carnex farms originate from the fertile plains of Vojvodina. The Company produces high-quality animal feed in its own factory, thus ensuring all the necessary nutrients for feeding the pigs on its six farms. Each year, about 140,000 fattening animals are produced here, a capacity that has positioned Carnex as the largest pig producer in Serbia and a company that significantly contributes to the revitalisation of animal husbandry.